Hi everyone!!!

It’s been sooooooo long, I know but I’ve gone through SO much these past months; a spat with a college roommate, a destroyed phone and several breakdowns but not to worry, I’ll make sure to catch up and post as regularly as possible!😁

Now that’s out of the way, I want to use this opportunity to make it known what I discovered recently. I mean, I had a fair idea about it but never really understood it’s significance: the fact that “in vulnerability holds strength”.

Most of the time, we often build walls around ourselves to shield ourselves from the unknown and to create a solid surface upon which we paint a picture of how we expect others to perceive us and although this might be as a result of past experiences with betrayal or simply fear, we end up being the ones the most hurt in the end especially when it comes to relationships, or lack thereof; because with walls come impared communication.

This eventually results in unresolved issues that could develop into causes of anxiety and could ruin one’s relationships: with family, friends, and even a significant other. Now, I’m not saying that putting oneself out there is easy, it would be hypocritical of me seeing as I struggle with it myself, but I have come to discover that it takes a whole lot of strength to open up to someone who you care about even while knowing the possibility of misunderstanding and betrayal of trust.

I have also come to realize that irrespective of the listeners ability to resolve the problems that make it out from behind those walls, the exercise is liberating in a sense, one I can’t quite explain, and also, sometimes a solution isn’t what really matters, companionship is, a bond, a link if you will that joins both parties and rids ones of just a little bit of the dark loneliness that reigns supreme behind those walls.

It feels so good to be with you all. See you soon!

Stay beautifulπŸ’‹πŸ’•

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